Keeping Your Pets Safe While Treating Termites

A termite infestation in your home means you're in for some big problems if you don't do something about it fast. They might be small, but these nasty little bugs can cause major structural damage to your home and furnishings given numbers large enough and time long enough.

Luckily, though, getting rid of termites is fairly easy, with commercial treatments being widely available, highly effective, and pretty straightforward.

If you're calling in a professional to help with your termite problem, there's not much for you to do, as the work is handled for you. However, if you're a pet owner, it's important to make sure your animals are safe by preparing for the termite treatment.

Talk to your pest control company

It's a good idea to let your pest controller know you have pets before you do anything else. They can make sure they're using the safest possible substances in your termite treatment; plus, they should have plenty of experience and knowledge they can pass on about how to protect your pet.

Arrange a pet holiday

While you could limit your pets to a single room, out of the way of the treatment, it's safest if you can get them out of the house completely until the air has cleared. Talk to your pest controller to see how long they recommend, but it's usually just one or two days until pets can come back home.

Deal with smaller pets

Cats and dogs need to be out of the house because they wander from room to room, but animals contained in a tank or cage are easier to deal with. Make sure they're in a room where there's no likelihood of pesticides reaching them, as these substances can easily kill small animals, especially if they get into aquarium water.

Don't forget beds and bowls

When your pet returns to your house, they can still be in danger if their bed or food bowls have been contaminated with pesticides. Put them safely out of the way while your home is being treated for termites, and don't put them back where they were until the pesticides have cleared from the air and it's safe to do so.

Clean up

Make sure you've thoroughly cleaned any rooms your pets use, and vacuumed to remove any residues from carpets. Pay particular attention to surfaces where animals sleep or eat, and keep them out of the way until you're completely satisfied that an area is clean and free from dangerous chemicals.

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