Tips for Selecting Pull Handles

The handles on your doors can speak volumes about the appearance and outlook of your home or business. Selecting the right handles not only gives your premises increased aesthetic appeal, but they also add functionality, convenience and durability to your doors. One of the best choices for door handles is pull handles. They can be installed on all types of doors, and opening them is as easy as exerting a pull force on the door. Pull handles also tend to remain firmly in place, and they come in a variety of materials.

When choosing the right handles to install for your doors, there are several important factors to consider. Take a look at some of these factors and learn why pull handles are a competitive choice for your home or business.

What to consider when selecting door handles

Location of the door

Where the door is located will largely determine what type of handle will work best. For example, front doors and security doors need sturdy and durable handles to ensure the security of the premises. In addition, a sturdy handle ensures that costly replacement and maintenance of the door will not be necessary.

Material of the door handle

Door handles need to be made of a tough, durable material that doesn't easily get bent or fall out of place. For door handles in commercial buildings, the material used is of particular concern. Pull handles are popular choices for commercial establishments because they can withstand a lot of daily use.

As employees, customers and other guests enter/exit the premises on a daily basis, pull handles that are made of metals such as steel, aluminium or brass will be able to withstand heavy use.

The function of the door

Another important factor is the door's function. Different handles may be more suitable for hallway doors as opposed to front doors, or office doors as opposed to closet doors. Pull handles are convenient options for many different doors. For example, hallway doors that don't lock and simply require a latch to stay in place can be equipped with pull handles.

In addition, private rooms such as bathrooms can have a pull handle with a lock added on top in order to ensure privacy. Regardless of the door's function, pull handles get the job done.

Care and maintenance options

Door handles can lead to a host of maintenance issues if the right choices are not made. Pull handles require very few door components, making maintenance cheaper and more convenient to carry out. The only parts that may need replacement are the pull handle itself, or the plate the handle is fastened to. Therefore, pull handles are easy-to-install, two-component systems.

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