"Do Not Duplicate" Keys Can Be Safe

Keys that come with a "do not duplicate" stamp can be safe and offer an added level of security.  Obtaining key cutting services to get a copy of such keys is prohibited by law.  However, even if it would be illegal, a locksmith can cut such a key.  It is just more costly and time-consuming to produce such a key.  The fact that you can copy a restricted key makes some people question how much added security they provide. Understanding what a restricted key is and how it works, can help you see the added protection it provides. 

The Key has a Patented Design

A restricted key is one that is available only at the locksmith who issues it.  He makes an intricate design and registers it with IP Australia.  Since the key design is protected by copyright, just the original locksmith can make copies of the key legally. 

Most locksmiths will not be open to making duplicates of a restricted key, even when they could since it is not legal.   A person who wants to make a copy of the key will have to try harder to get a duplicate.  Most criminals will seek other ways of gaining access to a locked place if key cutting is not an easy option.

Another advantage of having keys that are difficult to duplicate is that you maintain the integrity of your locks.  Duplicates are never exactly like the original and therefore ruin locks.  You are the only one who can get a duplicate key, as the issuing locksmith will only give it to authorised persons.    This ensures there are not numerous duplicates in use on your locks, which ruins them.

Locks Do Not Allow Easy Lock Picking

Restricted keys as well come with lock cylinders that are different from usual, in that they are narrow.  The small locks make it difficult to pick the locks.  The shape of the key is also unique, and entirely different from standard keys.  All these features add to the level of security on your premises should you use restricted keys.

Some locksmiths will provide locks which have additional features such as security pins. Locksmiths may offer you varying levels of security on the restricted keys.  Such keys have added elements that determine the level of protection provided by the restricted key and lock system. 

If a restricted key is a security measure you have thought about, it should now be evident that it is an option worth considering.  It will indeed secure your premise.  As well, you will not need to change your locks every time one of your staff members leaves. 

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Keys that come with a "do not duplicate" stamp can be safe and offer an added level of security.  Obtaining key cutting services to get a copy of